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The inspiration behind the name

Picture a pot. Make it a copper one. There’s something about the shiny bronze that catches your eye. It looks amazing. It feels great in your hands too. There’s weight to it. Instinctively you feel you’ll love cooking with it.

Copper pots
Inspiration for The Copper Pot Club

Copper pots are built to last a lifetime. They're great conductors of heat and stay warm longer. And it’s that magic of the copper pot that sums up the spirit of the memorable foodie experiences I want to share with you.

I want to inspire you to fall in love with vegetables. Because choosing to eat healthier today helps you be healthier tomorrow.

Whether you’re simply curious about healthy food choices, looking for inspiration in the kitchen or a foodie who wants a night out with a difference, I’d love to share my passion for eating for your health with you.

Come join a Copper Pot Foodie Experience with me. And I'll show you how to eat healthily, the delicious way!

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